Thank Heavens/Oak Strong

Working with SMEs on patents, designs and trade marks.

Alan Sandy and his sister, Gillian Wright, came up with a simple but revolutionary idea for a folding potty.

Alan and Gillian formed a partnership, known as Thank Heavens’ and worked to develop the idea into a finished product. Understanding the importance of intellectual property they sought expert advice and approached Dolleymores who filed a range of patent, design and trade mark applications in the UK and overseas.

The POTETTE® folding potty launched in 1989. With robust IP protection in place, the fledgling business was able to flourish, with would be competitors kept at bay. Success in the UK (POTETTE® was immediately taken up by major chains such as Mothercare, Boots, Toys’R’Us, John Lewis and Tesco) was followed by success in numerous other countries, including the US and Canada.

The huge success of POTETTE® encouraged further investment and in early 2008 Alan further developed the POTETTE® to function also as a Toilet Trainer Seat. lt was successfully launched during 2008 at international shows in Las Vegas, Cologne and Harrogate.

Prior to launch, a new set of patent, design and trade mark applications were started to extend protection for the innovative product. These rights have been successfully used to limit competition in a highly competitive market and retain market share.

Having built up the business from a fledgling startup and with much interest, the business, including the IP rights were sold to the US business OakStrong who continue to enjoy the benefit of the IP rights secured by Dolleymores; and retain the services of Dolleymores.

Dolleymores are proud to have played a key role in this success story, which demonstrates the true value that can be gained from robust IP protection.

POTETTE® and POTETTE PLUS® have won numerous awards. All of the awards, and details of the product, can be seen on the POTETTE® web site