Presentation to Japanese Patent Attorneys

I was recently honoured to be asked to give a presentation in Osaka, Japan to the Kinki (Kansai) Branch of the Japanese Patent Attorneys Association. The talk was given at a seminar on 21 October 2016 relating to a comparison of European and Japanese Patent practice on amendments and oppositions of patents after grant. The slides of my talk available here and all are welcome to view these.

The talk was attended by Patent Attorneys from across the Kinki (Kansai) area, which includes the urban region of Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe (the second most populated region in Japan, after the Greater Tokyo area), and stimulated interesting discussions and questions.

I, and the other partners and technical staff of Dolleymores, always enjoy giving talks to organisations of all kinds, and to clients and prospective clients. If you would like us to come to you and provide a talk, presentation or teaching about any aspect of Intellectual Property please contact us.

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