Fly Like the Wind – Innovation Prize Offered by Heathrow to UK Businesses

Heathrow Airport is offering a major Sustainable Innovation Prize for ideas on how to address the environmental challenges of airports and the aviation industry.

UK Businesses and organisations are invited to apply, by 31 March 2018, with their ideas that fall into the three following categories:

  • Waste as a resource 
    Concepts that create value from waste water and waste materials at and around airports and in their supply chains.
  • Sustainable and low carbon materials
    Solutions which transform the environmental impact of the large quantities of construction materials used for Heathrow’s buildings and supporting infrastructure.
  • Measuring and enhancing quality of life locally
    Concepts that could help measure and improve quality of life for local communities, those living and working around the airport, taking into consideration wide ranging issues such as aircraft noise or employment opportunities.

The winning entry of the Sustainable Innovation Prize will be awarded £20,000 and the green light to develop their idea, earning the opportunity to use Heathrow as a ‘live laboratory’. Here they will be able to trial and develop their winning concept and gain exposure to Heathrow’s operation and partners in the process.

More details are at

We do hope many of our innovative clients and friends apply, but do let us know first so that we can make sure your innovation is properly protected before any disclosure in the competition.

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