UK BioBank


At Dolleymores, our Trade Mark Attorneys have the necessary expertise and experience to rise to a trade mark challenge – and this was certainly the case with UK Biobank, a charity set up by The Wellcome Foundation.

Monarch Holdings Limited

Monarch Holdings Limited is the parent company for the Monarch group of companies and includes Monarch Airlines and various other businesses relating to travel and holiday, aircraft repair and maintenance.

Jimi Hendrix

Experience Hendrix LLC and Authentic Hendrix LLC are companies set up by the heirs of Jimi Hendrix to protect and exploit his intellectual property rights and his musical legacy.

Thank Heavens/Oak Strong

Alan Sandy and his sister, Gillian Wright, came up with a simple but revolutionary idea for a folding potty.

Unicharm Corporation

Unicharm Corporation is a long-standing client of Dolleymores with its headquarters in Japan. It specializes in the manufacture of diapers, feminine hygiene products and pet care products.