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Peter Marchand

Trainee Patent Attorney

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Peter joined Dolleymores in 2016 as a Trainee Patent Attorney.  Prior to joining the firm, he spent time in academic research and has particular experience in the fields of chemistry, materials science and process engineering.

After graduating with a Master’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Bath, including a year working within the pharmaceutical industry, Peter completed a PhD in Materials Chemistry at University College London, where he carried out research into the development of chemical precursors for the fabrication of a variety of electronic and optoelectronic materials.

He continued at UCL for two years as a post-doctoral research associate, developing sustainable and scalable routes to functional nanomaterials for a wide variety of applications, including optoelectronics, catalysis, gas sensing and batteries, amongst others.  In carrying out his research, Peter also gained experience working closely with SMEs and bridging the gap between academia and industry.

Peter is now working towards qualification as a UK and European Patent Attorney.

In his spare time, Peter enjoys being out on the roads running or at home with his guitar.

Academic Qualifications

PhD in Materials Chemistry
MChem (Hons) Chemistry with Industrial Training


Member of the Chartered institute of Patent Attorneys
Member of the EPI
Associate Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry



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